Finding Forever

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Found in Oblivion, Book 7

 Finding Forever

You’re invited to the comeback arena tour of the century…and just maybe a wedding too. 

Who: Malachi Shawcross and Richelle Crandall (you can call her Ricki or Elle, she answers to both) 

When: After they make it through the three biggest shows of their career. 

Where: Happy Acres Orchard, Turnbull, NY - or possibly a judge’s chamber in the next city they roll into, if they can’t pull this off. 

Who’s attending: Well, everyone - at least everyone in the Warning Sign and Oblivion families, along with some familiar and unfamiliar faces from Brooklyn Dawn, the headliner on Warning Sign’s big mega tour. 

Who’s also attending: Jules’s, Randy and Tristan’s brand new baby, who is getting christened with his or her entire rocker family in attendance. And there may be some more exciting surprises in store for Jules and Tristan as well. 

A whole lot of healing, hijinks, and happiness is ahead…and oh yeah, plenty of steamy moments and screaming rock and roll too.