My name is Faith Keystone, but my friends call me Keys. I’m the piano player for Hammered.

Did I mention I'm the only female in my band?

That means I technically have five older brothers. Can't forget my manager and security team, too. Alone time is nonexistent. I escaped an overbearing family to join this happy circus, and most of the time it's awesome.

Except now, because of one teensy little incident at a show. Now I have this hulking bodyguard shadowing me like a freaking puppy.

Only this puppy is more like a Doberman with an attitude problem.

And he only knows one word—NO. I hate that word. And I hate Quinn Alexander.

The one thing I do like is giving him the slip. Is it wrong that I kinda like when he growls at me after he finds me?

Because he always finds me.

Worst of all? I want him so bad that I keep forgetting I hate him.

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