Perfect Pitch

Found in Oblivion, Book 5

COMING September 1

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Cari Quinn Taryn Elliott Found in Oblivion 5.0 Perfect Pitch.jpg

A lead singer, a professor, and another lead singer walk into a bedroom... 

Molly McIntire loves her career as the lead singer of the band Warning Sign. She also loves her big sister who helped get her the job.  

Who she does not love? 

The cocky, demanding, hot as Hades rival lead singer of The Grunge, rockstar Luc Moreau, who through a series of misfortunate events ends up singing with her. 

In her band. On her stage. Together.  

It's like getting naked, with a microphone between them. So is there any surprise she has to hate screw the hell out of him afterward? 

Except someone sees them. Someone who doesn't only want to watch. Moody, mysterious Professor Ethan Haywood wants to join in. 

And he wants them both, in every dirty, decadent way. For a night...or so much more. No matter the consequences.